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THE BEEKEEPING  RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (B.R.D.I.) is a scientifically research unit that puts into good use at a high level of competence the know-how in the field of beekeeping (honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, venom, etc.) as natural sources for food supplementing, but also as therapeutically means in the treatment of a large spectrum of human diseases.
THE BEEKEEPING  RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (B.R.D.I.) manufacturers and delivers a large array of products: bee products, apitherapeutical and nutritional supplements, as well as biologic material (selected bee queen , artificial swarms and bee colonies), biostimulators for bees, drugs for control of bee diseases.

The bee products, apitheraputical products and the nutritional supplements may be bought from the BRDI  center, as well as from the warehouse (valid only for companies), as well as from the new shop opened at BRDI center: 42, Ficusului Boulevard, Bucharest.

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